If you love what you do, keep doing it!

As you’ll see by the diversity of my portfolio, I’m a tough guy to categorize.

For years I was the web photographer for the Minnesota Wild hockey team. My “goal” was to capture the high-speed excitement of an NHL game in a single image. At the same time, I excel at table top product photography and stunning portraiture (i.e., bringing to life things that sit perfectly still).

I have also worked in the film industry on 8 feature films and have shot/produced over 100 videos, from corporate client testimonials to travel and destination videos all over Mexico, the Bahamas and Caribbean as well as Punta Cana in the Dominica Republic and Jamaica. I love working with “moving pictures” as much as stills, and can easily hop back and forth at any given notice.

I may be tricky to put in a box, but despite the variety of my work there is one thing my clients agree on: consistency. Whatever you put in front of my lens, I’m going to make look brilliant. And dynamic. And memorable.

See for yourself. There’s something for everyone here, including (hopefully) you.

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